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1969: The year it all started

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1969 is known for being the year when man landed on the moon. But, 400,000 kilometres away, another historical event took place: Meplasjar was founded as a manufacturer of ancillary building products.

Since then, and after several relocations and improvements in our facilities, we have emerged as the leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of products such as strapping, safety helmets, vests, cones, and banners, among many others.

Since 2020, we have incorporated digital printing machinery to offer customised products.

Being present in more than 20 countries, Meplasjar establishes itself as the leading company in the sector, with half a century of experience allowing us to provide customers with the best solutions.


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COVID-19 products

Given the highly complicated situation at present, we have boosted our design and quality department to be able to offer Covid 19-related products. These include

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